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Journal Papers

Kang, Minsuk; Kim, Juwon; You, Hwalong; Chang, Daejun, "Experimental investigation of thermal stratification in cryogenic tanks", EXPERIMENTAL THERMAL AND FLUID SCIENCE, v.96, September 2018, pp.371-382
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Seong-yeob Lee, Choonghee Jo, Bjørnar Peteersen, Hyun Chung, San Kim, Daejun Chang, "Concept design and cost-benefit analysis of pile-guide mooring system for an offshore LNG bunkering terminal", OCEAN ENGINEERING, v.154, April 2018, pp.59-69
Choungho Choung, Daejun Chang, "Estimation on structural availability of slender beam's yield strength, using structural failure model based on the Poisson approximation", OCEAN ENGINEERING, v.149, February 2018, pp.409-422
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Sanghyuk Lee, Wonyeong Choi, Kyungjun Kim, Daejun Chang, Jae Woo Lee, "Integrated reaction and separation in a continuous middle vessel column for enhancing indirect hydration of cyclohexene to cyclohexanol", CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND PROCESSING, v.12
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Junkeon Ahn, Yeelyong Noh, Sungho Park, Byungil Choi, Daejun Chang, "Fuzzy-based failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) of a hybrid molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) and gas turbine system for marine propulsion", JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.364, Oct
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Youngkyun Seo, Seongyeob Lee, Junyoung Kim, Cheol Huh, Daejun Chang, "Determination of optimal volume of temporary storage tanks in a ship-based carbon capture and storage (CCS) chain using life cycle cost (LCC) including unavailability cost", INTERN
Juneyoung Kim, Seongyeob Lee, Jiheon Ryu, Youngkyun Seo, Suwon Seo, Daejun Chang, "New MEG injection system with a seabed storage tank assisted by ship transportation", OCEAN ENGINEERING, v.140, August 2017, pp.50-56
Jakyung Kim, Hyunho Kim, Younghoon Sohn, Daejun Chang, Yutaek Seo, Seong-Pil Kang, "Prevention of methane hydrate re-formation in transport pipeline using thermodynamic and kinetic hydrate inhibitors", JOURNAL OF PETROLEUM SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, v.
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Junkeon Ahn, Younseok Choi, Choonghee Jo, Younghee Cho, Daejun Chang, Hyun Chung, Pal G. Bergan, "Design of a prismatic pressure vessel with internal X-beam structures for application in ships", SHIPS AND OFFSHORE STRUCTURES, v.12, no.6, January 2017
Bongsik Chu, Sangick Lee, Daejun Chang, "Determination of design accidental fire load for offshore installations based on quantitative risk assessment with treatment of parametric uncertainty", JOURNAL OF LOSS PREVENTION IN THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES, v.
Jiheon Ryu, Chihun Lee, Yutaek Seo, Junyoung Kim, Suwon Seo, Daejun Chang, "A Novel Boil-Off Gas Re-Liquefaction Using a Spray Recondenser for Liquefied Natural-Gas Bunkering Operations", ENERGIES, v.9, December 2016, no.12
Juneyoung Kim, Yeelyong Noh, Kwangpil Chang, Daejun Chang, "Determination of hydrate inhibitor injection rate for flowlines based on Monte Carlo method", JOURNAL OF LOSS PREVENTION IN THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES, November 2016, v.44, pp.62-72
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