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Meet Our Students

4.  2014 Teacher's Day
May 15th was Teacher's Day. Student members prepared small gift and video to thank professor's love. Thank you Professor and we love you so much
3.  Teacher's day
It was teacher's day on 15th May 2013. We made a special video to express our appreciation of all professor's hard work! We love professor Chang and Seo ♥
2.  2013 OPEL & SEFA new students
Hwalong You and Sungyeob Lee are member of the OPEL. Chihoon Lee and Yooil Jeon are on the SEFA. Let's see the new members in 2013,and listen the story of them.
1.  OPEL 2010 Seo, Suwon
My name is Seo, Suwon. I graduated Pusan National University majoring in naval Architecture & Ocean engineering. And I entered the OPEL. The reason why I chosen the OPEL was to learn the Ocean system’s process and risk analysis.
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